Fleet Feet exists to provide a premium FIT experience for the individual, in an effort to support the wellness goals of the greater Quad City Area.

The experienced team of specialists will work with you to guarantee that you are properly FIT for the right shoes, outfitted in the latest technical apparel, and equipped with the best in running accessories.

From exceptional customer service to relentless community involvement, Fleet Feet Sports provides an unparalleled experience that reflects our dedication to the overall well-being of our customers.

Innvertated Peformance

Innervated Performance is a results-based manual therapy clinic with a focus on athletic performance, recovery, and over all capacity.

Fresh Blends

Fresh Blends offers distinct, healthy meals or grab-n-go snack options with high nutritional value in the form of smoothies, juice, and more! 

“I highly recommend Howell Chiropractic for expecting mothers! I started seeing them when I was pregnant with my 3rd child: after 2 long trying labors. After seeing them throughout my pregnancy, I had a smooth and fast delivery. Not to mention the increased comfort of being well adjusted throughout the pregnancy. Years later and I am now expecting my 4th baby, and Dr. Travis Howell and Dr. Emylee Kamper are preparing me for the big day once again! Dr. Emylee has helped immensely with the round ligament pain, and inner pelvic pressure I had been experiencing.
See them, you wont regret it!”

Michelle Dasso