Fleet Feet exists to provide a premium FIT experience for the individual, in an effort to support the wellness goals of the greater Quad City Area.

The experienced team of specialists will work with you to guarantee that you are properly FIT for the right shoes, outfitted in the latest technical apparel, and equipped with the best in running accessories.

From exceptional customer service to relentless community involvement, Fleet Feet Sports provides an unparalleled experience that reflects our dedication to the overall well-being of our customers.

Renewed Therapeutics

Hi! I’m Jaclyn!

I am a board-certified occupational therapist, licensed in Iowa. I specialize in manual therapy, specifically myofascial release therapy, massage therapy and pelvic health.

I, like many people, have dealt with pain, headaches, emotional trauma and various other unexplained issues that have affected my overall wellness. I was referred to a MFR therapist by a friend and found I was drawn to the John Barnes method to heal.

Over the last few years I have been assisting clients with a multifaceted approach, combining my knowledge of OT, massage and MFR to treat the whole person.

One Strong Woman

I am Allison and I am a board-certified Occupational Therapist licensed in Iowa and Illinois. I am a mom of an adventurous, kind, intelligent 3-year-old girl and a smiley, cuddly, climbing 8-month-old boy. I, like many women, had some challenges during pregnancy and postpartum which led me to become a women’s health therapist. I opened One Strong Woman Therapy, LLC to provide pelvic floor therapy, lactation support, sexual function/dysfunction interventions and bring QC women together to empower one another.

Quad City Performance

Ready to commit to taking responsibility for your health and wellness goals?

Join Quad City Performance (QCP) and gain the results you have always wanted! We are a fully equipped 24 hour fitness facility providing the highest level of fitness coaching in the Quad Cities! We teach you how to balance your nutrition and exercise to fit easily into your everyday life. Not only will you get a world class workout, but you will learn how to maintain the results you achieve for the rest of your life. We consider ourselves guides in your fitness journey, leading you and filtering you through all the garbage/ false truths that are presented to you every day.

Our mission is to help as many willing people as possible obtain and maintain healthy results for the rest of their lives. We want to provide you with the highest quality of service and products to help you reach the results you came to us for. Backed up by research and years of professional experience we gain results by a “no-one-size-fits-all”, “anti-cookie-cutter” approach for fat loss and muscle gaining.

Jill Zavada Wellness

Empowered to improve your health naturally and guide you to achieve your best life!

It is our mission to help you feel the best you can through the power of natural health.

By incorporating different forms of muscle testing, Functional Diagnostic Lab Work and/or the Holistic Health/Mindset Coaching process, we are able to get to the root causes of suboptimal health and illness and use the body to determine what it needs in order to heal.

In a time of so much chronic illness and medication, we are about a movement to empower the natural healing of the body…the way the body was meant to work.

The areas we address in our practice include but are not limited to: Digestive Issues, Hormone Issues, Poor Sleep, Acne, Headaches/Migraines, Blood Sugar Issues, Nutrient/Mineral deficiencies, Blood Pressure, Inflammation, Joint Pain, Brain Fog, Infertility, Fatigue/lack of energy, Children’s health, Anxiety/Depression, Injury/post surgery, Thyroid issues, Weight management, stress and…


“Appointments are alway fast and efficient. I really enjoy the option to text to schedule or cancel appointments. The office is great! The whole staff is very friendly and inviting. Dr. Travis always makes sure I leave in top shape. Totally recommend!”

Kelsey Cooke