Do you know that awkward moment when someone wants you to guess their age?

Dr. Travis Howell

Have you ever seen someone who looked way younger than they actually were, or even worse, way older?

Your skin, energy, and mood are all affected by stress.

The fewer aches and pains, more healthy diet, and balanced play and work time you have, the better you’ll age.

Less need for expensive anti-aging remedies, short-term energy fixes, or faking it till you make it.

That’s why at Howell Chiropractic, we focus on total body wellness for the entire family.

Our chiropractic adjustments help increase energy, balance, hormones, relieve pain, and help you think clearer for work and for life.

We help your body take care of the little things so that you can focus on what’s important.

I’m Dr. Emylee with Howell Chiropractic inviting you to learn more about the power and beauty of our adjustments.

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