Girl Hugs Mom For First Time

Dr. Travis Howell


In 2011, I was practicing in Maryland. I’d only been in practice for about two years.

I soon met this young lady and her mom  — this young lady was in so much pain. Her mom told me that she was never actually able to hug her because it just hurt too bad.

The little girl, when I asked her what was her day like or what hurt, she said, “Literally everything hurts.”

She couldn’t play with her friends. She couldn’t jump on the trampoline. She literally couldn’t do anything.

I took her through my initial examination and took some x-rays and figured out what I thought was going to be the most appropriate care for her.

A few weeks after starting care, her mom came in just literally in tears and said, she hugged me. I was able to hug her without pain. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life in practice.

That’s what I get to do every day. And it’s pretty freaking awesome. My name is Dr. Travis Howell. I’m at Howell Chiropractic and I’d love to see what chiropractic can do for you.e Blog list page