How Do You Know If Your Adjustments Work?

Dr. Travis Howell

How do you know if your adjustments work?

We believe in showing, not telling.

In our office, we take electronic measurements from the beginning and throughout your care plan to track your progress.

We include up to three scans of your nervous system, providing us with insight into what is going on on the inside.

We may also include X-rays.

We believe it’s important to test, not guess.

We even send you a video going over your scans that you can re-watch as many times as you want.

Plus, we have hundreds of testimonials and reviews.

For example, I saw a patient who began crying before her adjustment.

I was surprised and asked her what was going on.

She proceeded to tell me that since being adjusted, she had not only had no headaches but also had no stomach discomfort.

She explained that she didn’t think to tell me that she had struggled with digestive issues for the past two years because she just didn’t know that chiropractic could help that, too.

Her frustration and embarrassment with this issue that she was told by other providers was nothing that they could do all of her blood work and labs were normal, was now completely gone, all because of bringing balance and connection back to her nervous system.

There’s plenty of proof, and that’s why we what we do.