Howell Chiropractic Internship Application

Crushing it in school but looking for more CLINICAL experience?

“Adding the Insight to the practice was the key to taking how we communicate chiropractic to the next level.” ~Dr. Travis

Hands-on Training PLUS
6 Group Trainings per trimester

Scanning 101: The A-Z of scanning. How to prep for the appointment, how to use the tech and how to perform the scans.

Interpretation: What does the information gathered mean to YOU the doctor and how to relate it to the patient history and presentation.

Communication: How to effectively and efficiently communicate the scans to the patients.

Care Plans: Building out care plans based on the scans and clinical findings.

Report of Findings: Confidently report the findings of your Day 1 process and present the care plan with clarity and certainty.

Selling with Integrity: How to lead the prospect through the sales process and close them with integrity.

IDeal Candidate

Trainable: MUST be open minded, ready to learn and TRAINABLE!

Committed: Must be committed to your role in the office and eager to learn about all roles in the office.

7th Trimester or ABOVE – (or equivalent if not from Palmer)

Previously shadowed our office

Enrolled or Planning to enroll in ICPA Courses

Interested in CLA Insight Technology

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