Life is Like A Light

Dr. Travis Howell

Aren’t you so thankful that electricity was invented?

It’s definitely something that we take for granted daily.

My husband and I walked through over 20 homes before putting in an offer on one.

We wanted to inspect that our house was in the best shape possible before we moved in.

When you bought your house, what did you check on?

The plumbing, insulation, and electric, right?

You, like me, wanted to make sure that you were safe from disaster.

Odds are that if we cut the cords to your electrical system, the power would go out. With your body, it’s the exact same.

It has an electrical system that controls everything that we feel and do.

This is called the nervous system, and when something is blocking its signal you’re in big trouble.

Our chiropractic adjustments free the system and allow the body to react and respond to life exactly how it’s supposed to.

That’s why our patients see us for pain relief, stress relief, stomach relief, athletic performance, growing healthy babies and families, and so much more.

If you think something is cutting out your lights and you want to know what’s going on, give us a call.

Let’s turn your lights on.