Take A Deep Breath

Dr. Travis Howell


I want you to do me a quick favor. I want you to take a deep breath.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

There are really two ways you could have done that. You either took a deep breath and lifted your shoulders, not the right way.

Or took a deep breath and use the diaphragm, pulled that diaphragm down, belly button went out a little bit.

That would be called diaphragmatic breathing, and that is the correct way to breathe. But I bet you could guess that the majority of people lift their shoulders and add a lot of stress to their spine and upper rib cage.

Guess what? That leads to increased tension here. How many days of the week do you come home and just have tons of tension right here?

Well, your posture has something to do with it, but the way you breathe probably has even more. My name is Dr. Travis Howell. I’m at Howell Chiropractic and I help people just live a better life.