Why You Became A Chiropractor

Dr. Travis Howell

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to help people get better. I remember playing doctor with my Barbies for endless hours.

My parents took me to the chiropractor as a young child as they saw the benefit during my decades of dance lessons.

As a teenager, I was the passenger in a terrible car accident and knew my first stop had to be my chiropractor to help with the headaches I was getting after the accident.

It was during my college years when a light bulb went off.

I was studying for my bachelor’s in premedical biology, learning how complex the body was created while simultaneously studying for my master’s degree in bioethics and human dignity, learning how each individual deserves utmost dignity and how this can be done ethically in the health field.

At the same time, I was also hired as a chiropractic assistant and I got to interact with patients and noticed how they left the office feeling immensely better than when they walked in.

The light bulb moment occurred.

With all these years in chiropractic, I realized I could be a facilitator of healing the root cause of disease as opposed to a prescriber of something that treats a symptom most commonly causing even more symptoms.

I was accepted at Palmer and moved to Iowa, where I immersed myself into the intense curriculum and went beyond to take extra technique courses to be the best doctor for my patients as possible.

While it’s not playing with dolls anymore, facilitating healing for my patients makes it feel like I get to play all day.

I love what I do, and I am passionate about helping and educating others on things that are common but not normal.

For example, headaches are a common problem for many people, but headaches are not normal.

As a chiropractor, I get to assess the nervous system and locate where there’s bad communication between the brain and the body and adjust to bring balance and optimal communication back to the system.

My love and passion for prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care stems from this as well: assessing and balancing nervous systems from the very beginning of life promotes the best ability for adapting to growth and development as we age.

It is a lot better to grow healthy children than it is to fix injured adults. Healthy children become healthy adults.

I absolutely love caring for people of all ages, but the honor of balancing a nervous system from the very beginning is special to me and sets the tone for the entire family.

It is an absolute honor to be a chiropractor and witness the power of the body on a daily basis.