A Special invite to Our VIP Group

Dr. Travis Howell


Do you ever feel like there should be a good use of social media?

Ever feel like there’s just gotta be some community out there of like-minded people that I’m not going to get ridiculed, nobody’s going to judge me and maybe I’m going to get some free stuff if I’m in this group?

There might even be some pretty cool people that play random, weird games on Fridays around one o’clock.

They might even call it Laughter at Lunch.

They might also collaborate with other local businesses here in the Quad Cities to help grow our local businesses and also hook you up with some free stuff.

What if that was the reality? What if that group really existed? Well, guess what? It does.

Since you’ve been following my videos and reading my blog, that means you’re a like-minded person. Just like me that probably would love to be a member of the Quad City VIP community on Facebook.

There are three really easy questions to answer and some rules to follow, but it’s really just to make sure we don’t have any duds and we have all exciting people that love to have a little bit of fun and love some free stuff. I look forward to seeing you inside the community.