Helps Calm A Hyperactive Mind & Energize A Depressed Mind

Dr. Travis Howell


Did you know that that imbalance that causes that Ferrari engine can also contribute to the depression side of the nervous system function?

Just because your nervous system is out of balance doesn’t always mean it’s going to be overstimulated.

It can mean it is greatly understimulated. It is our job as chiropractors to evaluate the nervous system.

Figure out if there are some imbalances in there because what happens is when the brain is trying to communicate with the body, and it’s interfered with things like a bad cell phone signal.

It can change how your body and brain communicate, and overall how your brain functions.

Chiropractors have an amazing ability to measure that imbalance, and through chiropractic adjustments restore the balance.

We have helped many people that are overstimulated help get better control, and people that are understimulated have a little bit more excitement within the nervous system and brain, and help with their day to day functions because it is our ultimate goal that you have your optimal life experience, and we’re going to utilize chiropractic care to help you get there?