Improves Athletic Performance For ANY Sport!

Dr. Travis Howell


Did you know the best athletes in the world have chiropractors? The NFL, the NBA, the Olympic teams all have their very own doctor.

We even had a player from the PGA Tour stop by for an adjustment when he was here in town for the John Deere Classic.

If the best performing athletes in the world utilize chiropractic to ensure their body is functioning and performing at its best, why shouldn’t you? I think everyone knows the more that they move their body, the better they feel.

Sometimes they’re afraid that once they start a new exercise or movement routine, you deal with the soreness, the injuries, the pain of change.

These are the exact reasons that chiropractic is utilized by elite professionals, and performers across the world because it helps with all three of those and is proven to improve sports performance by decreasing soreness, improving biomechanics, and ultimately preventing injuries.

If you’re looking to unlock the next level of your, or your family’s athletics, come see us at Howell Chiropractic, where it is our job to keep you in the game.