The Simple Word “Cut”

Dr. Travis Howell



No, not cutting the next scene — the word “cut.”

Have you ever thought about the fact that it’s difficult for some people to say the word cut?

This was the word that set me on the path of working with children with neurodevelopmental challenges.

I used to sit at lunch with my wife while she worked on other kids, and I could hear in the other room how she would go over and over and over how to say the C or the K sound.

The child would repeat this K or C sound, but then when they went to say the whole word, they were still making a T sound.

If you don’t have a speech challenge or a kid with challenges, you probably don’t understand what I’m talking about.

But this word alone, listening to this word over and over and over, and the inability for kiddos to say it was what set me on the path to investigate what relationship does the chiropractic adjustment have with brain development and brain communication.

It has a huge impact. That is what set me on the way to working with kids with neurodevelopmental disorders. The simple word “cut.